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What signs indicate divorce is taking a toxic toll on the kids?

It is no small secret that divorce affects everyone in the family. During the process, it is easy for parents to become so focused on issues concerning property division and child custody in Baton Rouge that they overlook how their separation is affecting their children. 

What happens if I cannot afford to pay child support?

One issue that some people in the Baton Rouge area do not take into consideration during their divorce until afterward is their ability to pay child support. There are many things that can happen and interfere with a person's ability to make full and timely payments. If your circumstances have changed and you are no longer able to pay the amount specified in your child support order, you should not stop paying. You must make every effort to fulfill the obligation. 

Circumstantial changes may require alimony adjustments

When a couple makes the decision to pursue a divorce in Louisiana, they may need to make many critical decisions regarding the custody of their children, the separation of their assets, the distribution of their property and even the support of each other. Alimony is a controversial topic for many people, especially because it appears to be paid unnecessarily in a majority of circumstances. However, by law, people in Louisiana may be asked to pay alimony to their ex if circumstances require. 

What are some common causes for divorce?

When you think of divorce, one of the first things that may come to mind is fidelity issues. Sadly, many people in the Baton Rouge area fall head over heels in love with their partners and marry them, only to end up filing for divorce. There are many reasons they cannot honor their marriage vows. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, for every 1,000 married couples, 3.2 percent of them separate and divorce

Can politics ruin a marriage?

With the political climate in the country being what it is today, it is probably no surprise that many couples in Louisiana may fight over politics. For some people, politics is a major passion. They may be unwilling to bend to any other viewpoint than the one they hold. This can spell trouble for couples who find themselves on the opposite ends of the political spectrum. If you are in this situation, does it mean your relationship is doomed? According to the Huffington Post, differing political opinions could very well mean the end of your marriage.

Keys to co-parenting

After a divorce, one of the major strains on a family is how well the parents work together to raise their children. Arguments or different opinions on how to parent can lead to problems. It also negatively affects the children. It is best for everyone when parents can learn to co-parent effectively.

Can I modify my divorce judgment?

Some people rush through the divorce process in Baton Rouge with the thought that they can always get a modification if they do not like their settlement. Little do they realize is that post-divorce modifications are often difficult to obtain. They are even harder to get if their reasons are unjust. If you are getting ready to file for separation from your spouse, be sure to avoid making any hasty decisions. 

The unique challenges of Native American child adoptions

Adopting a child is a noble action. There are plenty of children who are in state systems who need a loving family. Adoption may be their only option in many cases. However, if the child is Native American, there will be special considerations and obligations for the adopting family. Families considering such an adoption must be aware of the law governing it.

What are some special considerations in gray divorce?

If you are over the age of 50 and getting a divorce, your case is considered a gray divorce. You may not have the typical concerns that a younger couple would, such as child custody issues. However, you are more likely to face challenges with finances, health issues and adult children.

Video: In the fight for your family, passionate representation is vital

Family-related legal matters can take over your life, whether you are fighting for custody of your kids, seeking a fair divorce settlement or trying to enforce an order for support.

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