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Changes afoot for divorce negotiations

People in Louisiana who get divorced commonly must go through the process of splitting their marital estate. This can be a challenging process as it involves some negotiations between parties who do not agree on many things. Along the way, each party may experience some losses and may also need to concede some things to get to a final settlement. Starting in 2019, the road to this final settlement may well look different than it does today.

Dealing with emotions and divorce

As Louisiana residents go through the process of a divorce, they're bound to run into all sorts of trials and tasks. In return, dealing with these issues can create emotional turmoil in anyone, which can impact how the divorce is handled.

What makes a premarital agreement invalid?

Prenuptial agreements can be great tools to advise marriage decisions as well as to establish the rights of two parties of a Louisiana divorce. A valid prenup can help you or your spouse secure personal assets, protect a family business and even establish parental rights, amongst many other benefits. However, for a prenup to be valid, the interested parties must go about its creation in the right way. If they do not, the state of Louisiana may deem it invalid.

How can I recover financially after divorce?

Along with the numerous emotional and legal aspects of divorce, you'll also experience a significant change in your finances. This can be tough to deal with, especially if you're accustomed to a certain lifestyle. To ensure you recover financially after your divorce, Entrepreneur offers the following helpful tips.

What are the grounds for divorce?

When you file for divorce in Louisiana, you need to specify the grounds. This is the reason why you are filing for divorce. There are three options in this state. According to the Louisiana State Bar Association,  the grounds for divorce include adultery, living separately and a felony conviction of one of the spouses. Each has its own stipulations. You will notice that irreconcilable differences, which is a common ground in other states, is not allowed in Louisiana.

How can we make a good parenting plan?

Louisiana courts are leaning more towards encouraging parents to find ways to co-parent their children rather than handing down rulings providing traditional visitation and custody schedules during a divorce. The thought is that it is much better for your children if you and your ex-partner can work together to develop a parenting plan that suits your family. It helps reduce stress and leads to more amicable co-parenting situations.

Making your divorce wish list

If you were to bring a divorce case to the offices of Gregory S. Johnson, Attorney at Law, you might not know what to expect from the process. You might be unsure about the future. You might feel a mix of powerful emotions towards your partner. Start by preparing yourself for success: generally speaking, individuals who get the best possible results during a divorce are those who think positively. That does not mean you have to look on the bright side of your situation. For many people pursuing a divorce in Louisiana, there is not much to be cheerful about regarding the process.

Does your divorce plan include post-divorce financial security?

If you are eager to divorce your partner in Baton Rouge, you might want to hold off on the celebration. The way you handle your separation now can determine how financially secure you are afterward. While there is nothing wrong with you being emotional, you have a lot of decisions to make moving forward, and you need to have a clear head to make them. Now that your relationship is done, put your feelings away. You will fare better if you treat the situation as a business matter. 

2 tips for dealing with a high-conflict spouse

Not everyone in Baton Rouge who decides to divorce their partners are on good terms with them. In some divorce situations, one of the first things to go is civility. Malignant divorces usually end up as hostile confrontations instead of negotiations, states If you are thinking of filing for divorce and your ex-partner is confrontational, ill-mannered, abusive or downright unpleasant, you might be in for the fight of your life. According to Psychology Today, it is not uncommon for one spouse to cause most of the divorce conflict

What are some financial concerns I should have about divorce?

Many Baton Rouge couples do not realize how much of a role their finances play before, during and after their divorces. There are so many things happening at the same time in your mind and daily life that you might find it hard to keep track of all your financial matters when negotiating the divorce settlement.