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Your divorce may be toxic to your physical and emotional health

If you are thinking about divorcing your spouse, you might want to think about your health first. Many people in Baton Rouge believe they only have to worry about their emotional health during divorce. What they might not realize is the stress and drama of divorce can have a serious impact on their physical health too. 

How do I tell the kids we are divorcing?

One concern you might have if you are thinking about filing for divorce in the Baton Rouge area is how to tell your kids. You might not realize it, but the way you inform them can impact how they perceive and adjust to the news. On the surface, your first reaction might be to shield them from your separation by hiding it from them until it is no longer possible for you to do so. 

How should I dress for divorce court?

When you think of divorce in the Baton Rouge area, you probably imagine you and your partner screaming it out in court. While a shouting match might make you feel better at that moment, in real life, it could result in contempt charges and a less than favorable divorce outcome. Litigation is often the last resort for separating couples who are unable to compromise and settle their divorce amicably. 

How can you move past your divorce and find contentment?

You have finalized your divorce in Louisiana at last and are entering into a new phase of life. However, you may find it exceptionally difficult to move beyond your broken marriage and find contentment with your new normal. Fortunately, there are proactive steps you can take towards overcoming your negative emotions and achieving happiness, and a newfound sense of freedom. 

Is divorce contagious?

Divorce happens every day in Louisiana. The chances are good you know someone who has gotten divorced. You probably even have someone close to you whose marriage had ended. You may have thought about the security of your own marriage. Maybe someone else divorcing had you thinking about if it could happen to you. According to Psychology Today, a study showed that divorce may actually be contagious. 

Can I have my alimony payments reduced?

Alimony is a common issue that comes up in divorce cases in the Baton Rouge area. Many people come into our Gregory S. Johnson, Attorney at Law office believing their alimony payments cannot be adjusted. There are many reasons why a person may want to have their alimony payments reduced. 

How can the word divorce damage my marriage?

Every couple in the Baton Rouge area has arguments and goes through times where they do not agree or see eye-to-eye on things. They may even have harsh words and phrases they exchange among themselves. However, couples who use the word divorce during their disagreements can cause more harm than good to their relationships, states The Spruce. Divorce is a touchy subject that should not be mentioned unless the person who uses it is ready to go through it. 

Why is the divorce rate in Louisiana so high?

As your wedding day approaches, you may be filled with thoughts and dreams of growing old with your fiancé. As exciting as the future may seem, there is a strong possibility that divorce is in it. It is often the one life event that many happily married couples do not anticipate or plan for, especially locally. 

Signs that divorce may be in your future

Many people are so in love with the thought of marriage that they fail to realize how much work is required to make their relationships work. Once the honeymoon period is over and years have gone by, some people begin to feel like their relationships are not working out the way they imagined they would. 

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