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What should I do in a child custody dispute?

One of the most stressful situations you may encounter in your divorce is child custody. When disputes arise about custody, the courts must intervene to decide which parent the children would be better off with. Custody battles in the Baton Rouge area are never easy and often take time to resolve. 

Relocating with the kids after divorce

One question we often receive at Gregory S. Johnson, Attorney at Law, concerns child custody and relocation. It is not uncommon for parents in Louisiana who have child custody agreements to move to other cities and states with their children. According to The Spruce, many of them move out of state with their kids to pursue better employment opportunities for themselves and housing and education for their children. However, some people relocate with their children out of spite for their former partners. If you are considering a move with your children, you should consider the laws regarding child custody and how they apply to your situation. 

Under what conditions can Louisiana grandparents seek custody?

If you are a Louisiana grandparent, a time may come when you believe securing custody of your grandchild would be in his or her best interest. Maybe your grandchild already spends the majority of his or her time under your care, or perhaps you have concerns or doubts about the child's mother or father's ability to raise the child. Regardless of your reasoning for wanting custody of your grandchild, certain circumstances must be present for you to move forward in your pursuit.

How is custody handled for same-sex relationships?

Every marriage in Louisiana has the potential to hit a rough patch that you cannot get past. This often leads to divorce. As part of a same-sex couple, you may wonder if there are any special concerns or issues involving the way custody will be handled for your children. According to the National Center for Lesbian Rights, same-sex couples are usually afforded the same rights as other couples when determining child custody as long as both of you are legal parents of the children.

Legal help in safeguarding the well-being of your child

Child custody can be an extremely stressful and intimidating topic, but it is also one of immense importance. Before entering negotiations, you will likely want to explore the process of determining custody, which might help you be better prepared for the road ahead.

Under what grounds can grandparents gain custody in Louisiana?

While you may have any number of reasons for wanting to gain custody of your grandchildren in Louisiana, there are specific grounds under which you may start the process. Generally, grandparents have limited rights to their grandchildren, due in large part to a 2000 U.S. Supreme Court ruling dictating that extraordinary circumstances must be present for anyone other than a child’s parents to have decision-making power. There are, however, three situations under which you may be able to pursue custody.

Is parental alienation a real thing?

Like most parents in East Baton Rouge, Livingston Parish and surrounding Louisiana regions, you occasionally lament the fact that children seem to grow up quickly. One minute, they're infants swaddled snugly in your arms, and the next minute, they're calling home from a dorm room clear across the country asking for money. Perhaps your parenting journey is still in earlier stages; yet, you already sense a fleeting passage of time. Doing your best to provide for your children and build strong, healthy relationships together probably remains one of your highest priorities.

What factors determine child custody?

When you and your spouse file for divorce in Louisiana, it may be difficult to determine who receives custody of the children. It is crucial that you make decisions based upon the best interests of your children. However, there are several factors that a judge may take into consideration when determine who receives primary custody of the kids.

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