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November 2018 Archives

How to divide marital assets in Louisiana

Chances are that if you are heading for divorce, you and your spouse are having difficulty coming to agreements about important questions. While many divorcing couples are able to sit down at a table together and resolve the major issues for an amicable break, you and your spouse may not be so lucky.

Changes afoot for divorce negotiations

People in Louisiana who get divorced commonly must go through the process of splitting their marital estate. This can be a challenging process as it involves some negotiations between parties who do not agree on many things. Along the way, each party may experience some losses and may also need to concede some things to get to a final settlement. Starting in 2019, the road to this final settlement may well look different than it does today.

Dealing with emotions and divorce

As Louisiana residents go through the process of a divorce, they're bound to run into all sorts of trials and tasks. In return, dealing with these issues can create emotional turmoil in anyone, which can impact how the divorce is handled.

What makes a premarital agreement invalid?

Prenuptial agreements can be great tools to advise marriage decisions as well as to establish the rights of two parties of a Louisiana divorce. A valid prenup can help you or your spouse secure personal assets, protect a family business and even establish parental rights, amongst many other benefits. However, for a prenup to be valid, the interested parties must go about its creation in the right way. If they do not, the state of Louisiana may deem it invalid.