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October 2018 Archives

Remember the valuation date in your divorce case

Many in Baton Rouge may view a divorce as being a singular event, when in reality, it is a process. Those who have come seeking the help of our team here at Gregory S. Johnson, Attorney at Law to work through this process often ask us what are the most important dates they need to plan. Most are surprised when we tell them they need to be aware of their valuation dates. If you wonder what a valuation date has to do with a divorce, you are not alone. Yet given the stake that both you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse have in your marital assets, you should definitely know why when they are valued is important. 

Is your spouse hiding assets from you?

You are ready to call it quits and walk away from your marriage. You know that Louisiana is a community law state, which means you should get roughly 50 percent of your marital assets. Here is the thing; you think your spouse is hiding assets from you in an effort to keep more for him or herself. What can you do?

Grandparents' visitation rights after divorce

Grandparents often have just as strong of a connection with children than the parents themselves. Louisiana law recognizes the strength of this bond, as well as its importance in the proper upbringing of a child. However, courts do not typically grant the right to visit with a grandchild automatically during a divorce.

How will my divorce affect my business?

Sometimes Baton Rouge couples decide if they can enjoy a personal relationship with each other, sharing a business together might work out just as well. However, if the marriage hits the rocks and the couple decides to call it quits, the divorce process is also going to directly impact their business. Since both spouses own a part of the business, the company falls under Louisiana's community property laws and may be split up as well.

How can I recover financially after divorce?

Along with the numerous emotional and legal aspects of divorce, you'll also experience a significant change in your finances. This can be tough to deal with, especially if you're accustomed to a certain lifestyle. To ensure you recover financially after your divorce, Entrepreneur offers the following helpful tips.