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What are the grounds for divorce?

When you file for divorce in Louisiana, you need to specify the grounds. This is the reason why you are filing for divorce. There are three options in this state. According to the Louisiana State Bar Association,  the grounds for divorce include adultery, living separately and a felony conviction of one of the spouses. Each has its own stipulations. You will notice that irreconcilable differences, which is a common ground in other states, is not allowed in Louisiana.

Using adultery as the grounds for your divorce requires that you prove it occurred. You must provide the court with evidence that your spouse had an affair. You do not have to wait any amount of time to file using this reason.

To file based on living separately, there is a waiting period. You must be living apart for at least 180 days if you have no children under 18, or if you do have children under 18, then you need to live apart for at least 365 days. You may declare covenant of marriage if you live separate and lived apart for two years and have gone through counseling together and can provide proof of abuse or adultery.

If your spouse is convicted of a felony and sentenced to imprisonment at hard labor or death, then you can file based on the conviction. It does not matter what sentence your spouse actually serves. You just need to provide the paperwork of the conviction and sentencing.

This information is intended for education and is not given as legal advice.

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