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What is required to relocate with your child after a divorce?

Sharing parenting duties of a child after a divorce is often a difficult thing to get used to. If you were granted custody of your child by a Louisiana court, then that means you have the legal right to make decisions for that child. It also means your child probably lives with you most of the time. As can happen, there may come a time when you need to move. Since you are under court orders in regards to the custody of your child, it is important to understand the rules pertaining to relocation.

According to the 21st Judicial District Court, it is a violation of the custody order to relocate with your child without meeting specific requirements. You must let your child's other parent know about the move. You also must have written consent from your ex-spouse or approval from the court before you can move. It does not matter if you have full custody. You must still follow these rules or you could face punishment from the court.

If there is a history of violence in your family, the requirements may be waived, but you would still need to seek approval from the court. You should never move without letting anyone know where you have moved to or you could face legal consequences and possibly criminal charges as breaking a custody order can be a criminal matter.

There may be many reasons why you need to relocate. Perhaps you have to move for work or to be near a family member. Whatever the reason, the court wants to ensure that the move will be in the best interest of your child. This information is for your education and is not legal advice.

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