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What causes domestic violence?

While there is no way to know what exactly causes domestic violence in Louisiana, there are ways to help avoid it. If you understand more about why it happens and look into the warning signs, you could save yourself or someone you love from getting into an abuse situation.

According to MedicineNet, some of the risk factors that may lead to domestic violence include being abused as a child, substance abuse, poverty, attitudes that women are inferior and a lack of education. This does not mean that a person who has one or more of these risk factors will be abusive. Studies just indicate that a person would be more likely to be abusive if he or she has these risk factors.

Often there are signs that a person may become abusive that you should keep in mind when choosing romantic partners or when observing others with their partners. These signs include manipulating a partner, controlling a partner or making a partner feel worthless or as if he or she is failing. Many times, physical abuse is precluded by emotional and psychological abuse, so these warning signs should be taken seriously.

You may notice abuse in another relationship if you notice a loved one pulling away or retreating emotionally. The person may also stop talking to you and other family. You may see physical signs of abuse that are often explained as clumsiness.

When left untreated or without interference, domestic violence can be deadly. It is very difficult to know what causes someone to become abusive, but by watching for signs, you can hopefully avoid ever ending up in an abusive situation or helping someone you love from ending up in one. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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