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Can divorce be good for the kids?

While it is commonly believed that Louisiana divorce is very harmful to children, there may be some situations where it is actually a good thing. Ideally, you probably want to give your children a home with two parents. However, sometimes the trade off to make that happen creates a destructive environment where a separation would be much better. The Huffington Post explains that children need a peaceful home environment, which may only be possible through a divorce.

Consider if you and your spouse fight all the time. That fighting takes a toll on your child. Your child just wants you to be happy. Furthermore, it can create nervousness and make the child unsure of how to react when you fight. If fights turn physical, this can be even more damaging to a child. It would be far better for you and your spouse to split up so your child is not forced to stay in a hostile environment.

Even if you do not fight, children are pretty good at picking up emotional cues. They may notice if you and your spouse are not happy. They might recognize sadness as well. This can take a toll.

Children benefit from divorce when they have a bad home environment. It removes the emotional issues, provides them with a peaceful home environment and helps them learn that happy parents are better parents. These are all things that can give them a better childhood than growing up with parents who stay together but fight and are unhappy. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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