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Can bird's nest co-parenting work for you?

One of the biggest hurdles in an divorce in Louisiana is figuring out a parenting plan. Trying to decide who lives where and what the visitation schedule will be can cause a lot of stress, not only for you and your spouse but also for your children. There is one concept, noted by Psychology Today, that may help make the situation easier on the children and this is bird's nest co-parenting.

Bird's nest parenting uses the idea of a family home where the children live full time and where each parent takes turns living. It is like a flip of the traditional idea where the kids move from home to home. It provides more stability for the children. You and the other parent can either get separate homes to live in when you are not at the family home or you can share a place since you will not be there at the same time.

Some families use this method for a short time to allow children to adjust to the changes that come with a divorce. Others may use it permanently. It can become difficult to maintain if you or the other parent gets remarried, though. It is also hard if you or the other parent must live further away due to a job. You also cannot forget the expense. You will be maintaining at least two homes, which might not be plausible for all families. However, depending on the setup, it might actually be cheaper than you both trying to maintain two separate residences for the children as in a traditional setup. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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