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July 2018 Archives

How can we make a good parenting plan?

Louisiana courts are leaning more towards encouraging parents to find ways to co-parent their children rather than handing down rulings providing traditional visitation and custody schedules during a divorce. The thought is that it is much better for your children if you and your ex-partner can work together to develop a parenting plan that suits your family. It helps reduce stress and leads to more amicable co-parenting situations.

A look at the fifty-fifty community property rule

Louisiana marriages that dissolve are subject to asset division under a fifty-fifty division law. This puts Louisiana in the minority of states, accompanied by Guam and Puerto Rico, that use a community property rule over an equitable division process. Individuals could expect to split everything down the middle based on the market value of the asset in question.

Is your prenuptial agreement in danger?

Louisiana readers understand the importance of securing their financial assets, even before marriage. A common way many couples do this is by drafting prenuptial agreements. These are legal contracts that outline the division of marital property in the event of a divorce. They can also address other financial issues that will be effective over the course of the marriage.

Do Louisiana grandparents have visitation rights?

As a Louisiana grandparent, you may have any number of reasons for wanting to establish legal visitation with your grandchild. Maybe you have a poor relationship with one or both of your grandchild's parents that prevents you from visiting, or maybe you have valid concerns about how your grandchild's parents raise him or her. Regardless of your reasoning for desiring legal visitation, however, certain circumstances must be present in order to obtain it.

Determining when alimony can truly end

Some people have likely heard the term "final alimony" and believe it to mean when a person makes a final alimony payment to an ex-spouse. In reality, when final alimony is discussed, it actually means the final calculated alimony payment one spouse must make to another after a divorce is finalized and does not actually mean the last alimony a person pays. So when does a person in Louisiana truly stop paying alimony? The answer can vary.

Can bird's nest co-parenting work for you?

One of the biggest hurdles in an divorce in Louisiana is figuring out a parenting plan. Trying to decide who lives where and what the visitation schedule will be can cause a lot of stress, not only for you and your spouse but also for your children. There is one concept, noted by Psychology Today, that may help make the situation easier on the children and this is bird's nest co-parenting.