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2 tips for dealing with a high-conflict spouse

Not everyone in Baton Rouge who decides to divorce their partners are on good terms with them. In some divorce situations, one of the first things to go is civility. Malignant divorces usually end up as hostile confrontations instead of negotiations, states If you are thinking of filing for divorce and your ex-partner is confrontational, ill-mannered, abusive or downright unpleasant, you might be in for the fight of your life. According to Psychology Today, it is not uncommon for one spouse to cause most of the divorce conflict

You might not understand how to handle your divorce when your spouse is not cooperating. Here are a few suggestions to help make your separation easier to get through. 

Do not unload feelings on your soon-to-be ex-spouse 

Filing for divorce does not necessarily mean all your feelings for your partner are gone. It takes time for people to gain the closure they need to emotionally move on. Though you might believe it is a good idea for you to share your feelings with your ex, you could end up provoking a negative response from your ex. Keep any negative thoughts and feelings you have towards your ex-partner and about your divorce issues private and to yourself. Do not engage in conversations about your relationship and feelings either. All conversations and interactions between you and your spouse should be approached with a professional mindset. 

Be realistic about divorce expectations 

Accept that you and your spouse may have unresolved issues long after the ink is dry on your divorce decree and move on. Keep a clear head about what you want to get out of your divorce and establish some goals to focus on. Do not forget to prioritize your children's needs and take measures to protect their best interests. 

Sometimes there is no way to avoid a contentious divorce. You can make it more efficient and less confrontational by taking the high road and acting respectfully and amicably.

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