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What signs indicate divorce is taking a toxic toll on the kids?

It is no small secret that divorce affects everyone in the family. During the process, it is easy for parents to become so focused on issues concerning property division and child custody in Baton Rouge that they overlook how their separation is affecting their children. 

Children do not always make their feelings known verbally. They may exhibit their emotional distress in other ways that are difficult for parents to read. There are many factors that determine how kids respond to divorce. Here are a few warning signs that indicate professional intervention like therapy and more parental attention are necessary. 

Divorce is a time of major changes for children. The stability they once had as a part of a single-family household is no longer there. It is not unusual for children to: 

  • Act out as a cry for attention, support and help.
  • Become anxious and irritable because they are struggling to process news of their parents’ divorce.
  • Develop changes in sleep patterns because of the increase in stress and insecurity they might be feeling.
  • Behavioral changes as they struggle to adapt to the changes in their family structure and living arrangements. 

Ignoring the warning signs of juvenile distress can have a dramatic effect on the entire family. According to, the effects of divorce can trigger strong emotional responses in children that “stunt their psychological and physiological growth,” which ultimately affects their adult relationships. 

Children are resilient. However, some parents forget how much their kids understand about divorce. It is important for parents to place their children’s interests above their own to minimize the toxic effects of divorce on their kids.

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