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Your divorce may be toxic to your physical and emotional health

If you are thinking about divorcing your spouse, you might want to think about your health first. Many people in Baton Rouge believe they only have to worry about their emotional health during divorce. What they might not realize is the stress and drama of divorce can have a serious impact on their physical health too. 

Stress and anxiety are harmful to one's health. The end of a relationship often brings about feelings of depression, stress, anxiety, anger and guilt. Though everyone handles emotional and traumatic situations differently, the "physical and mental effects of divorce often linger on for many years," states Take some time to review a few ways divorce can affect your physical and emotional health. 

Changes in eating habits 

Divorce can make some people eat to compensate for their pain. They may also stop eating because they feel so depressed and uninterested in food. Both responses are normal and can cause unintentional and unwanted changes in weight. Not supplying the body with the foods and nutrients it needs can cause more stress, anxiety and poor moods. 

Dependency on drugs and alcohol 

Some people may feel so unequipped to deal with their separations that they start abusing medications, drugs and alcohol to numb the pain. This often leads to increased feelings of stress, depression, anxiety and substance abuse-related health and emotional challenges. 

Higher risk of heart attacks 

According to a study posted from, "women had an elevated risk of heart attacks in divorce. The risks were substantially higher with subsequent divorces. On the other hand, men only had a higher risk of myocardial infractions when they divorce multiple times." 

The pain and trauma of divorce can significantly alter your physical and mental health. It is important for you to develop healthy coping mechanisms and seek out support to minimize the negative effects of separation on your overall well-being.

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