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How is law enforcement trained to respond to domestic violence?

If you are in a situation involving domestic violence in Louisiana, it can be helpful to know what law enforcement will do when they respond to your call for help. It can make it easier for you to help them gather the information they need. This can lead to the situation being resolved more quickly and can help to keep you safer. It can also help you understand why officers react the way they do and allow you to see they really are trying to help.

According to, how officers respond to a domestic violence call is often done very carefully so to avoid further conflict and problems. Two or more officers may show up. This is done to provide protection and to help them better manage the situation. They may not use lights and sirens when responding, but this does not mean they are not treating the situation seriously. They do this to protect you and protect themselves by not drawing attention to their presence. It also gives them some time to appraise the situation before jumping right in.

You will likely be separated from your alleged abuser. This is to calm things down and to allow officers to get complete stories from each of you. They may take your picture and take pictures of your injuries. They may also talk to your neighbors. 

Finally, they will respond even if you change your mind and tell them not to come. This is because domestic violence calls are a high priority call where they report regardless of subsequent calls or requests. This information is for education and is not legal advice. 

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