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How do I tell the kids we are divorcing?

One concern you might have if you are thinking about filing for divorce in the Baton Rouge area is how to tell your kids. You might not realize it, but the way you inform them can impact how they perceive and adjust to the news. On the surface, your first reaction might be to shield them from your separation by hiding it from them until it is no longer possible for you to do so. 

When it comes to divorce and kids, honesty is the best policy. You do not need to share the intimate details about your marriage and decision to separate. However, you should tell them about the divorce, so they can learn how to cope with the changes to come. Here are some factors to consider when talking to kids about divorce. 

Use concise explanations 

Talk to the other parent. Discuss strategies on how and when to share the news of divorce with your kids. It might be more beneficial to break the news a few weeks before the separation occurs. According to Psychology Today, you should avoid long and drawn out explanations and inform them in the simplest way possible that you and their other parent are separating. 

Tell all children at the same time 

You might feel more comfortable telling the older siblings the news before you inform the younger ones. This can cause older children to feel more stressed and isolated about the situation and guilty they are keeping an important secret from their younger siblings. Informing the kids at the same time makes it possible for them to comfort and support each other. 

Act as a team 

It is important for you and their other parent to be a united front for the kids. Now, more than ever your kids need to know their parents still love them and are willing and capable of doing everything possible to co-parent and minimize the effects of the divorce on their lives. Be sure to stress the fact that the decision had nothing to do with them and they are not to blame. 

Listen to them 

Your children may have questions about the situation. Listen to and address their concerns. Let them know about any changes to living arrangements and other concerns that involve them, so they know what to expect. 

No parent wants to be the one to tell their kids they are divorcing their other parent. However, with when both parents put their kids' needs above their own, act as a united front and are honest with their children without oversharing, they can help minimize the stress and make it easier for them to accept and adjust to the situation.

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