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April 2018 Archives

How you can have more control over your child custody order

Child custody is a complex issue, and Louisiana parents may find that it is impossible for them to come to an agreement on the issue outside of court. Child custody decisions come from the court or from discussions between parents. It is helpful to understand more about how to address this important issue in your divorce.

Your divorce may be toxic to your physical and emotional health

If you are thinking about divorcing your spouse, you might want to think about your health first. Many people in Baton Rouge believe they only have to worry about their emotional health during divorce. What they might not realize is the stress and drama of divorce can have a serious impact on their physical health too. 

How is law enforcement trained to respond to domestic violence?

If you are in a situation involving domestic violence in Louisiana, it can be helpful to know what law enforcement will do when they respond to your call for help. It can make it easier for you to help them gather the information they need. This can lead to the situation being resolved more quickly and can help to keep you safer. It can also help you understand why officers react the way they do and allow you to see they really are trying to help.

How do I tell the kids we are divorcing?

One concern you might have if you are thinking about filing for divorce in the Baton Rouge area is how to tell your kids. You might not realize it, but the way you inform them can impact how they perceive and adjust to the news. On the surface, your first reaction might be to shield them from your separation by hiding it from them until it is no longer possible for you to do so.