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March 2018 Archives

What happens if I cannot afford to pay child support?

One issue that some people in the Baton Rouge area do not take into consideration during their divorce until afterward is their ability to pay child support. There are many things that can happen and interfere with a person's ability to make full and timely payments. If your circumstances have changed and you are no longer able to pay the amount specified in your child support order, you should not stop paying. You must make every effort to fulfill the obligation. 

How should I dress for divorce court?

When you think of divorce in the Baton Rouge area, you probably imagine you and your partner screaming it out in court. While a shouting match might make you feel better at that moment, in real life, it could result in contempt charges and a less than favorable divorce outcome. Litigation is often the last resort for separating couples who are unable to compromise and settle their divorce amicably. 

How you can ease the pain and stress of the divorce process

If you are considering divorce, it is likely you have grave concerns over how the end of your marriage will affect the rest of your life. The decisions made during the divorce process will impact your life for many years, and you understand that it is prudent to proceed with caution and careful consideration.

What happens with a mortgage in a divorce?

A large focus of your divorce settlement in Louisiana will be on dividing property and managing debt. The largest debt you likely will deal with is your mortgage. A mortgage is a special debt that is not handled as easily as others. Generally, it is in both of your names, and the lender will not care that you are divorcing and continue to hold you both accountable. 

How can you move past your divorce and find contentment?

You have finalized your divorce in Louisiana at last and are entering into a new phase of life. However, you may find it exceptionally difficult to move beyond your broken marriage and find contentment with your new normal. Fortunately, there are proactive steps you can take towards overcoming your negative emotions and achieving happiness, and a newfound sense of freedom.