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Is divorce contagious?

Divorce happens every day in Louisiana. The chances are good you know someone who has gotten divorced. You probably even have someone close to you whose marriage had ended. You may have thought about the security of your own marriage. Maybe someone else divorcing had you thinking about if it could happen to you. According to Psychology Today, a study showed that divorce may actually be contagious. 

When one couple divorces in a close group of friends or even relatives, it can make you start to think about your own marriage and how well it is going. In some cases, it could make you wonder what life would be like as a single person. The breakup of a couple can make others close to them start questioning if their own marriages will last and lead people to think about divorce in a way they had not before. 

There is a term called divorce clustering that refers to the phenomenon of multiple divorces occurring in a group of people. The study showed that there is a 147 percent increase in the chances of getting divorced if there is a divorce in your social circle. If a close friend gets divorced, it could lead to a 75 percent increase in your chances of getting divorced. 

The study suggests that divorce could have a domino effect within a group of people. However, it has been suggested the study lacked conclusive evidence and the error rates were too high for this to be considered solid proof that divorce is contagious. This information is for education and is not legal advice. 

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