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Domestic violence and divorce: Keeping the kids in the loop

When it comes to divorce, many people think it is the easiest decision to make. Though some people have no trouble filing for divorce, there may be reasons why some individuals are more cautious and wait. One issue that often deters individuals is domestic violence. "Sometime during their lifetime, 450,000 women are likely to experience domestic violence in Louisiana," states The Livingston Parish News. 

Many victims who are in relationships with abusive partners lack the courage they need to escape their situations. They may feel trapped and bullied into staying even though they know it is not safe for them to remain. Some victims remain in abusive marriages because they believe they are protecting their kids. Regardless of the reasons, domestic violence is dangerous and if it is not handled properly, it can lead to additional harm and death. 

Do not leave the kids in the dark 

Once the decision is made to divorce, someone should let the kids know what is going on. Victims may feel like they are shielding their children from the abuse that has been going on by keeping silent. In reality, keeping silent can lead to confusion, rebellion and other issues. According to, parents can benefit from talking to their kids about domestic abuse and how it is not acceptable to stay with anyone who claims to love them and then hurts them physically and verbally. Parents should also inform their children they are not at fault, and the decision does not mean they are loved any less. Counselling can also help to minimize the impact of abuse and divorce on their emotional health and lives. 

It is not always easy to leave an abusive partner. Abused spouses who lack financial support should ask their friends and relatives for help and resource recommendations. They should contact the local authorities to get restraining orders and resources. If necessary, they should ask for assistance with moving to a place where they can avoid physical and verbal contact with their abusive partners. Because the abusive party often seeks to maintain control and victimize their partners, victims can also benefit from working with attorneys.

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