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Child custody complications require Senate candidates to relocate

When two parents in Louisiana make the decision to separate and get a divorce, it is not uncommon for them to face significant stress when the time comes to make decisions regarding the custody of their children. Things can become increasingly complex depending on the age of the children, their involvement in extra-curricular activities and the relationships they have with each parent. Often, reaching a final decision about the placement of a couple's children require both to be flexible and patient. When parents are unable to reach amicable agreements, the result is often a prolonged process that is lengthened by contention and strife. 

In a recent case out of Havre, Montana, two Senate candidates have recently left the town due to child custody issues. The prominent couple, a husband and wife running against each other for office, are embroiled in a battle to try and win custody of the man's children from a previous marriage. While many people speculated whether or not their sudden departure would affect their campaign, both candidates have assured supporters that they will continue to run for office. Currently, the man faces a contempt charge for failing to pay child custody payments. An attorney who works with the couple claims the payments were made and that the couple's continued cooperation will void the contempt charge. It is unknown under what conditions the couple decided to leave Havre.

If parents are facing difficult circumstances regarding the custody of their children during a divorce, they may benefit from the legal assistance of an attorney. Their reliance on a professional can provide insight into what can be done to expedite the process of reaching a fair agreement regarding the custody of their children. 

Source: Havre Daily News, "Senate candidates leave Havre amid child custody issues," Alex Ross, Feb. 2, 2018

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