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January 2018 Archives

How can you effectively prepare for child custody discussions?

If you and your spouse have decided to pursue a divorce in the state of Louisiana, you have a series of important decisions to make in the near future. Some of the choices you will need to make may involve things regarding finances, property distribution and the custody of your children. Discussions where child custody agreements are formed will undoubtedly be some of the most important to you. Effectively preparing for a successful discussion that leads to an arrangement that benefits both parties, is doable with the application of a few basic practices. 

The termination of parental rights

You may have no love lost for the non-custodial parent of your child. No matter the circumstances, if you and your former partner are struggling to effectively co-parent, you may be thinking of asking a judge to terminate the other parent's rights to the child.

A closer look at how debt is divided during a divorce

When a Louisiana couple makes the decision to end their divorce, they are immediately tasked with separating everything they share. This can include everything from property, to custody of their children, to debt. Reaching agreements that benefit both parties regarding shared items can be incredibly complicated at times, especially when both parties are unwilling to reach a compromise. Because no one wants to be left with a mounting load of debt, this aspect can be particularly challenging during a divorce. 

Understanding what a restraining order protects you from

If you are involved in a relationship where you are the victim of domestic violence, abuse or threats, you may have considered filing for a restraining order against your perpetrator. While a restraining order can be effective in protecting you, and keeping you safe from unwanted attention, it is imperative that you fully understand its purpose for optimal effectiveness. At Gregory S. Johnson, Attorney at Law, we are experienced in helping people in Louisiana understand the function of restraining and protective orders. 

Alleged domestic abuse results in Louisiana man's arrest

Familial conflict is expected in any family and is often resolved without any major relationship disruptions. However, there are an increasing number of incidents where family contention is the root cause of serious domestic conflict. In unfortunate circumstances, these serious incidents often result in the injury or death of certain family members while the perpetrator ends up behind bars.