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What are some common causes for divorce?

When you think of divorce, one of the first things that may come to mind is fidelity issues. Sadly, many people in the Baton Rouge area fall head over heels in love with their partners and marry them, only to end up filing for divorce. There are many reasons they cannot honor their marriage vows. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, for every 1,000 married couples, 3.2 percent of them separate and divorce

The future is not always certain. You cannot predict the chances of your relationship ending. However, you can educate yourself on common reasons why many marriages end in divorce so you can take measures to avoid them. 

Substance abuse 

Alcohol and drug abuse are major issues that have a damaging effect on relationships. Many people who end up with partners who have substance abuse problems go through many emotional and physical changes. 

Compatibility issues

Sometimes people are so in love with each other they fail to consider if they are compatible. Not all compatibility issues are apparent during the beginning stages of relationships and marriages. There are also growing pains to consider as newlyweds become more accustomed to living together. Some individuals are willing to wait and compromise so their relationships work out. Others may find that their differences are too great to overcome and end their marriages. 

Financial challenges 

Poor money management habits and low income do not mix. Many marriages end because one partner has a lot of debt, is not financially responsible and has poor money management skills. Their behavior creates additional financial problems for their partners and increases the amount of stress and animosity in their relationships. 

Keep in mind that not all marriages encounter the above problems and end in divorce. If you are experiencing problems in your relationship and not sure if divorce is the answer, professional help can help you choose the best solution.

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