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Protecting children during the process of divorce

For many Louisiana couples, divorce is a final alternative to other methods of resolving marital conflict. While it may be an effective tool to regain peace, and end an unproductive relationship, it can also be time consuming, expensive and emotionally exhausting. Unfortunately, in situations where a couple has had children together, getting a divorce can be an even bigger challenge as children are stuck in the middle and left trying to piece together their new normal. 

According to, parents can effectively help their children cope with the stresses of their divorce by doing the following:

  • Prioritizing positive involvement and making time for their children.
  • Limiting disagreements, contention and conflict to times when their children are not present.
  • Keeping the schedules of their children as consistent and stable as possible. provides additional suggestions to parents who are committed to helping their children through divorce in a healthy and safe way. These include the following:

  • They should be flexible with their visitation schedule and understand that their children need time alone with both spouses.
  • They should be honest with their children and help them understand the reason why a divorce was the best option.
  • They should encourage their children to communicate and express how they are feeling.
  • They should make transitions from one parent to another seamless and positive.
  • They should remind their children that they are loved and important.

It is imperative that parents remember that their children will have moments where they will be disappointed, sad and even angry. During these moments, parents should allow their children to experience these emotions and be as understanding as possible. 


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