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Why is the divorce rate in Louisiana so high?

As your wedding day approaches, you may be filled with thoughts and dreams of growing old with your fiancé. As exciting as the future may seem, there is a strong possibility that divorce is in it. It is often the one life event that many happily married couples do not anticipate or plan for, especially locally. 

The national divorce rate is on the decline. It seems as if more couples are opting to stay married. But, according to census data posted on, in 2016, for every 1,000 married Louisiana couples, 20.8 of them filed for divorce. To better understand why the divorce rate is so much higher here locally than in other states, take a look at the following pieces of information. 

Low income and employment opportunities 

Many people in the area who get married do not have jobs. Those who do have jobs are not gainfully employed. They may have to work several jobs to make enough income to support their households. They may also work long hours that keep them away from their spouses and kids. Less time and the stress of trying to financially manage their households often creates negative feelings that cause their relationships to deteriorate. 

Less access to support resources 

Low income means an inability to afford higher education, professional counseling, financial help and other support resources that can help improve their finances, relationships and lifestyles. The prolonged burden of having to keep themselves and their families afloat is often enough to end some marriages. 

The above factors are just two of many reasons why some relationships in the area do not work out. Couples who are experiencing financial and employment issues may find themselves struggling with problems in their relationships that make them want to leave and call it quits. Divorce is an ideal solution for some of them. But it is not the answer for all couples. Anyone who is contemplating divorce should seek out legal counsel first for guidance about their situation.

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