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November 2017 Archives

How can the word divorce damage my marriage?

Every couple in the Baton Rouge area has arguments and goes through times where they do not agree or see eye-to-eye on things. They may even have harsh words and phrases they exchange among themselves. However, couples who use the word divorce during their disagreements can cause more harm than good to their relationships, states The Spruce. Divorce is a touchy subject that should not be mentioned unless the person who uses it is ready to go through it. 

My ex-partner is violating our child custody order; what do I do?

Many parents in Louisiana are not aware that although they are no longer together, they are forever connected through their kids. Failed relationships and divorce do not excuse them from following the law. No matter how much they may not agree with their child custody agreements, they are legally binding. Failure to follow them can result in legal complications and the loss of visitation rights. 

Parental alienation may bring lifelong struggles

Your marriage may have started off rocky, or it may have grown contentious as the years passed. Wherever on the spectrum your circumstance falls, since your divorce, you may feel that the only good thing that came out of your marriage was your children. However, even this part of your life is having more bad days than good ones.

Why is the divorce rate in Louisiana so high?

As your wedding day approaches, you may be filled with thoughts and dreams of growing old with your fiancé. As exciting as the future may seem, there is a strong possibility that divorce is in it. It is often the one life event that many happily married couples do not anticipate or plan for, especially locally. 

Can politics ruin a marriage?

With the political climate in the country being what it is today, it is probably no surprise that many couples in Louisiana may fight over politics. For some people, politics is a major passion. They may be unwilling to bend to any other viewpoint than the one they hold. This can spell trouble for couples who find themselves on the opposite ends of the political spectrum. If you are in this situation, does it mean your relationship is doomed? According to the Huffington Post, differing political opinions could very well mean the end of your marriage.