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Keys to co-parenting

After a divorce, one of the major strains on a family is how well the parents work together to raise their children. Arguments or different opinions on how to parent can lead to problems. It also negatively affects the children. It is best for everyone when parents can learn to co-parent effectively. recommends parents work together to create a parenting plan. This means clearly defining boundaries and structure for the children and for each other. Each parent must realize that he or she will have to give up some control. When the children are with the other parent, it is his or her job to take care of them, so the absent parent must give up control. By setting boundaries, each parent can become the head of their own household and have the power to set rules and parent as he or she sees fit without concern about interference from the other parent. By working on a cohesive plan, parents can be better assured that when the children are with the other parent, the decisions being made are beneficial to the children. Above all else, it can stop arguments from occurring because the parents are working together.

The Huffington Post notes parents have to always keep their children first in a co-parenting situation. Having two sets of rules can be very confusing. Kids need structure and consistency. Parents should set aside their differences and focus on doing what is best for the children. Furthermore, parents need to realize their kids understand much more than they may think, so tricks and other underhanded measures will not go unnoticed and produce tension in the relationship between the parents and the kids.

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