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What should I do in a child custody dispute?

One of the most stressful situations you may encounter in your divorce is child custody. When disputes arise about custody, the courts must intervene to decide which parent the children would be better off with. Custody battles in the Baton Rouge area are never easy and often take time to resolve. 

You may feel like doing and saying things that may hurt your former partner's credibility. It is important for you to stay calm and rational. Trying to paint the other parent in a negative light may only improve their chances. If you are committed to winning your custody battle, take the following suggestions into consideration. 

Keep a journal 

You should document the date, time and details of all your interactions with your ex-spouse and children. You may not feel like this is a necessary step. But the courts are interested in any relevant information you can provide them with regarding your situation. For example, if your spouse tells the courts that you never come and see your kids, you can show them documentation that proves otherwise. 

Exercise your parental rights 

If you have visitation, see your kids according to your visitation schedule. Spend as much time as you can with your kids. Go to their extracurricular activities, take them places and do not forget to help them with their chores, homework and other obligations. Do not overlook the importance of establishing rules and boundaries in your home for your children to adhere to. According to Psychology Today, to keep your kids from manipulating the rules and you to their advantage, your rules should not restrict communication between them and their other parent. 

Avoid bashing your ex-spouse 

No matter how you feel about your children's other parent, you should never talk bad about them, especially in front of your kids. Reserve your arguments and negative feelings for your friends and therapist. Work on your communication. For the sake of your kids, you and their other parent should be able to talk about and collaborate on parenting plans and your kids' well-being, even though you are both in the midst of a child custody dispute. 

Try to keep a positive mindset during your child custody battle to avoid making poor decisions that could hurt your cause. With the right approach, careful consideration for the courts and your children's well-being, you can get a favorable outcome.

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