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Can I modify my divorce judgment?

Some people rush through the divorce process in Baton Rouge with the thought that they can always get a modification if they do not like their settlement. Little do they realize is that post-divorce modifications are often difficult to obtain. They are even harder to get if their reasons are unjust. If you are getting ready to file for separation from your spouse, be sure to avoid making any hasty decisions. 

Divorce decrees are not set in stone. The courts understand that there are some events and situations that can occur that require some divorcees to file for modifications. Here is a brief overview of how the courts handle post-divorce modification requests. 

Life events where modifications are necessary 

If there are kids involved, one parent may seek modification because the other parent is unfit, relocating or a danger to the children. Modifications can be made to child custody and parenting plans. According to FindLaw, child support modification can be made if there is a major change in income, marital status or a serious injury and loss of employment. Spousal awards are eligible for changes if the person receiving the payments starts earning more income, living with a new partner or if the payer experiences a reduction in income or financial hardship. 

If everything in your decree is accurate, you cannot file for modification just because you believe portions of it are unfair. You must have a legitimate reason with verifiable documentation and evidence. To avoid potential issues that may result in you needing to file for a modification later, you should carefully review all the terms of your settlement. Once you agree and sign off on it, your divorce decree becomes legally binding.

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