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What are some special considerations in gray divorce?

If you are over the age of 50 and getting a divorce, your case is considered a gray divorce. You may not have the typical concerns that a younger couple would, such as child custody issues. However, you are more likely to face challenges with finances, health issues and adult children.

According to Good Therapy, gray divorce situations usually happen after the last child leaves home. You may feel at this time there is no longer anything holding your marriage together, so divorce is the obvious solution. While you won't need to worry about child custody issues, your adult children may still be affected. They could also express concerns about inheritances and health care decisions because those things will likely be affected.

When it comes to finances, divorce at an older age can be very tricky. Not only do you have to consider retirement accounts and other estate planning issues but you also have to think about how you will support yourself. If, for example, you have never worked, you will have to figure out how to earn an income. If your spouse has never worked, you most likely will have to plan for alimony payments. In any case, your finances now have to stretch to cover two homes instead of one, which can be a challenge.

Health concerns can also affect the divorce. If you or your spouse is suffering from a condition that affects your memory or clarity of thinking, it could make the process more difficult. Also, you will need to make plans for changes to health care orders for now and the future. This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.

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