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Signs of hidden assets in a divorce

In a Louisiana divorce, you want to be sure to know all the assets and income you and your spouse have. This is the only way to ensure they are properly divided during the proceedings. While a judge can compel your spouse to disclose all information to you and at Gregory S Johnson Attorney at Law we can help you discover assets, it really falls to you to be vigilant and watch for signs your spouse may be hiding things from you and trying to keep assets from being revealed.

Forbes notes there are many red flags you should watch out for that indicate your spouse may be trying to hide assets. Some are more obvious than others, but typically, if you know to watch out for them, they are all rather easy to spot. Obviously, if your spouse is very controlling of the household money and accounts, you should try to get information because it is likely you are not aware of all the financial details. You also need to check into banking statements and watch for any odd transactions.

Find out if your spouse has a P.O. Box or is receiving statements somewhere other than your home and gain access to that. Review all tax forms and other financial documents you may have signed, especially if your spouse rushed you through signing them or did not let you look them over.

Watch out for any actions that seem suspicious, such as saying a business is failing, refusing to give you access to certain accounts or hiding information on a computer. Also, pay attention to your finances. Watch for overdue bills or issues that sudden pop up once you file for divorce. Finally, be alert about any travel, especially to countries where financial rules are more relaxed than in this country. To learn more about community property and the division of property in a divorce, visit our website.

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