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Girl killed, man injured in domestic violence incident

Perpetrators of domestic violence in Louisiana often display red flags in the days or even months leading up to dramatic situations. However, recognizing these signs can be difficult and even impossible if people do not know what to look for. Often, domestic violence is more common than many people realize, and it can instantaneously affect the lives of many people.

This was the experience of an Arizona family when an act of violence put the lives of everyone at risk. A 19-year-old man was allegedly angry with his parents in connection with a $20,000 loan he gave them over a year ago. Authorities noted that the young man had a history of depression and domestic violence before he used a gun to shoot and kill his younger sister. An attempt to kill his father was unsuccessful when the gun malfunctioned and did not fire properly.

Court records detailed how the man had contemplated killing his family the night before and mentioned his intention of killing his entire family before leaving the state. Authorities are holding the man on a variety of charges including kidnapping and first-degree murder. The man admitted to being diagnosed with depression in years past, but acknowledged that he had not been making any efforts to overcome his diagnosis.

For families involved in domestic disputes or who have recognized the looming dangers of a loved one’s suspicious behavior, professional intervention may be a valuable resource. Victims may wish to speak with an attorney for guidance and support.

Source:, “Phoenix man arrested in shooting death of sister planned to kill rest of family, records say,” April Morganroth and Robert Gundran, July 17, 2017

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