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Child custody can be an extremely stressful and intimidating topic, but it is also one of immense importance. Before entering negotiations, you will likely want to explore the process of determining custody, which might help you be better prepared for the road ahead.

The process of determining child custody arrangements

You undoubtedly want to find a solution that will be the most beneficial to the future well-being of your child, and it is understandable to wonder what to expect moving forward. A determination regarding child custody generally depends on several factors, including:

  • Type of arrangement sought: In joint custody, you and the other parent will both have a say regarding your child's upbringing, while in sole custody, one parent will be responsible for most of these decisions.
  • Ability to negotiate: In many cases, both parents will enter negotiations regarding the desired parenting plan before heading to court. If you and the other parent can reach an acceptable agreement on the matter, you might avoid the potential headache of a custody dispute.
  • Dispute: Sometimes conflict is unavoidable, especially when the future well-being of your child is at stake. If you and the other parent cannot reach an agreement, it may be necessary to litigate matters and ask the court to make the final decision.
  • Variables: No matter who makes the decision, certain variables often play a role in the process, such as the needs of the child and which parent is or has been the primary caregiver.

One last thing to consider is that child custody concerns do not always involve divorce. Parents who were never married may need to take legal steps to protect their children's best interests. Regardless of the circumstances, you will likely find it beneficial to speak with a lawyer who is knowledgeable in Louisiana state child custody laws.

Obtaining assistance

Reaching an acceptable agreement regarding the custody of your child is extremely important. However, with multiple crucial aspects to cover, you could be feeling overwhelmed. By speaking with a family law attorney, you can obtain some much-needed guidance that may help set your mind at ease. An attorney can address your concerns and wishes and advise you on how to pursue the best outcome possible regarding the current and future well-being of your child.

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