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June 2017 Archives

What should I do financially before filing for divorce?

Divorce can be very difficult on you financially. If you are expecting a divorce, you may go through serious financial difficulties during and after the process. To best prepare yourself for handling the trouble that may come from separating from your spouse, you should plan ahead and be prepared to handle whatever may happen.

Louisiana governor considers changes to domestic violence laws

While many domestic violence cases have evidence of a victim being harassed, abused or injured by their partner, adequate punishment can be hard to come by under certain state laws in Louisiana. Domestic abuse not only causes fear and danger for the victim, but it can also be threatening to that person’s children, loved ones and colleagues.

Video: In the fight for your family, passionate representation is vital

Family-related legal matters can take over your life, whether you are fighting for custody of your kids, seeking a fair divorce settlement or trying to enforce an order for support.

How can I protect heirlooms in a divorce?

Going through a Louisiana divorce is difficult. You struggle with the ending of a relationship and try to figure out how to go forward. In addition, there is the issue of dividing property. Sometimes this happens easily, and you can come to quick agreements on who gets what. Other times, though, you may end up in a dispute over an item. This may be especially true when it comes to family heirlooms.

Legal help in safeguarding the well-being of your child

Child custody can be an extremely stressful and intimidating topic, but it is also one of immense importance. Before entering negotiations, you will likely want to explore the process of determining custody, which might help you be better prepared for the road ahead.

Can you be a single parent and a full-time worker?

Getting a divorce in Louisiana presents an array of challenging circumstances, especially when you are faced with the task of being a full-time parent and maintaining full-time employment. Fortunately, there are ways you can successfully excel in both roles and find a balance that provides benefits for all parties involved.

What is domestic abuse battery?

In Louisiana, you may hear about a criminal charge called domestic abuse battery. According to the Louisiana State Legislature, this would be when you commit a physical assault upon another member of your household or family. In terms of this law, a household member is someone of the opposite sex or a child with whom you live. Family members include spouses, children or parents. This crime is categorized as domestic abuse.