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Why are grandparents' rights controversial?

When you had your children, you were in charge of saying who could be in their lives. Now that your children are grown and have children of their own, they have those rights. In some cases, they may decide that you have no rights to see your grandchildren. This has sparked debate in Louisiana and across the country on whether grandparents have natural rights to see their grandchildren or not.

The Huffington Post cited some reasons why people are opposed to grandparents' rights and the state stepping in to impose such rights.  Some people believe that if a parent chooses to cut off your access to his or her children that they probably have a very good reason to do so. Perhaps you are not a good influence in the children's lives. Maybe there are substance abuse issues or uncontrolled mental illness. In many cases, the issue is between the parents and grandparents. A bad relationship can lead to cutting you out of the lives of everyone in the family.

There is also a concern for situations where parents are not intentionally cutting off your rights to see your grandchildren, but you still feel as if they are keeping them from you. One example would be if a family needs to relocate for a job. Opponents to grandparents' rights feel that granting such rights could cause trouble for parents who need to move because grandparents could then cite their rights, forcing parents to not move or to accommodate visitation with the grandparents.

Whether or not you are a parent opposing a grandparent's request for visitation, or a grandparent seeking to obtain court ordered visitation, Louisiana law has provided specific rules for this issue that you need to know about.  We can review these at a free consultation.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.

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