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How do you know if it's time to consider divorce?

You've been unhappy for a while now in your marriage, but you have also been unsure whether you are ready for a divorce. You know divorces cost money, and even though you've just gotten some money back from your tax return, ending your marriage is a tremendous change. However, the fact is that if you have a happy one, your mind wouldn't keep coming back to the question of divorce. So how do you know whether it's time?

Signs it might be time to consider a divorce

Only you can answer the question of whether or not a divorce is right for you. However, here are a few signs that it might be time for you to think about taking that next step: 

  • You're only staying married for the kids
  • You're only staying together because it's cheaper and easier
  • Your needs are not being met
  • You believe you'd be happier alone
  • You've tried counseling but it hasn't helped
  • You don't want a divorce because you are worried what others might think

If you and your spouse are only together because you have children, you may want to keep in mind that children can sense discord; if you're unhappy, they are most likely unhappy, too. Likewise, if your spouse isn't making the effort to fulfill your needs, but you have been staying because one household is cheaper than two, you may need to look at whether your unfulfilling relationship is worth the cost. Life and happiness are about more than money.

If you think you'd be happier alone and no longer see your spouse as a companion, money is probably not a good enough reason to stay; if you prepare a budget and evaluate your finances, you might realize you can make it on your own. Especially if you've tried to make things work through counseling but your spouse has shown little interest or refused to make an effort, it may be time to move on and end your marriage. You deserve happiness, and those who truly care about you will likely support you.

The most important reason

Of course, if your spouse is abusing you - whether it's emotional or physical - you should consider getting yourself out of this dangerous situation as soon as possible. No one should have to put up with abuse, and avenues and options exist to help you get safe. If you are a victim of abuse, consider calling the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) as a first step.

When you know it's time

Ultimately, only you can make the decision of whether it's time to end your marriage. This personal choice is not something to take lightly, but if one or more of the items listed above apply to your situation, you may have some heavy thinking to do. Once you are ready to take the next step, your best option might be to consult a divorce lawyer in Baton Rouge.

A family law attorney will have experience in a variety of different scenarios and may be able to offer advice on how best to proceed and what options might work best for you and your family. Some divorce lawyers even offer a free consultation and a flat fee for divorce representation depending on your circumstances.

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