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Protection-related orders come in many varieties in Louisiana

One of the big concerns that can be present for Louisiana domestic violence victims is how to protect themselves from further harm from their abuser. One thing that could help with this is a court order. Victims of domestic abuse can typically seek out court orders barring their accuser from contacting them or coming near them.

Now, here in Louisiana, there is not just one type of court order for giving this sort of protection. As the Louisiana Supreme Court’s website notes, such restraining-related court orders come in multiple varieties and can be brought under a range of different state laws. In fact, there are 12 different statutes/articles in state law that create avenues for pursuing such orders.

Each type of restraining-related order in the state has its own qualification requirements. The different types also vary in their processes. So, a domestic violence victim’s individual circumstances heavily impact what type of order they could request and what pursuing such an order would involve.

As this underscores, what particular legal issues are present for a domestic violence victim is a very situation-dependant matter. How the particular issues that have come up for them end up being addressed can have many ramifications, including safety impacts, for a victim of such abuse. Family law attorneys knowledgeable on Louisiana laws related to domestic violence, such as the laws on protection-related court orders, can give victims of family abuse in the state well-tailored advice on how to pursue appropriate legal protection in their particular situation.

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