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January 2017 Archives

Divorce and your credit score: Mitigate the impact

Divorce is not cheap, which is one of the many reasons why it is only chosen as a last resort. Your circumstances and choices will have a big impact on cost. For example if you have a contested divorce where your spouse fights tooth and nail for every cent, then it can cost you. If you skip out on attorney costs and go with a cheap option then you might end up losing more money in the end. If you do not plan for the expenses in divorce then it could have a big impact on your credit score.

Why does the divorce rate spike at the beginning of the year?

The New Year has many people thinking about ways to improve their lives in 2017. Some people want to lose weight and others want to save money. If 2016 was a time of marital strife, you might be considering divorce this year. If you are having thoughts about ending your marriage at this time, you are not alone.