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Your divorce may be toxic to your physical and emotional health

If you are thinking about divorcing your spouse, you might want to think about your health first. Many people in Baton Rouge believe they only have to worry about their emotional health during divorce. What they might not realize is the stress and drama of divorce can have a serious impact on their physical health too. 

Stress and anxiety are harmful to one's health. The end of a relationship often brings about feelings of depression, stress, anxiety, anger and guilt. Though everyone handles emotional and traumatic situations differently, the "physical and mental effects of divorce often linger on for many years," states Take some time to review a few ways divorce can affect your physical and emotional health. 

How is law enforcement trained to respond to domestic violence?

If you are in a situation involving domestic violence in Louisiana, it can be helpful to know what law enforcement will do when they respond to your call for help. It can make it easier for you to help them gather the information they need. This can lead to the situation being resolved more quickly and can help to keep you safer. It can also help you understand why officers react the way they do and allow you to see they really are trying to help.

According to, how officers respond to a domestic violence call is often done very carefully so to avoid further conflict and problems. Two or more officers may show up. This is done to provide protection and to help them better manage the situation. They may not use lights and sirens when responding, but this does not mean they are not treating the situation seriously. They do this to protect you and protect themselves by not drawing attention to their presence. It also gives them some time to appraise the situation before jumping right in.

How do I tell the kids we are divorcing?

One concern you might have if you are thinking about filing for divorce in the Baton Rouge area is how to tell your kids. You might not realize it, but the way you inform them can impact how they perceive and adjust to the news. On the surface, your first reaction might be to shield them from your separation by hiding it from them until it is no longer possible for you to do so. 

When it comes to divorce and kids, honesty is the best policy. You do not need to share the intimate details about your marriage and decision to separate. However, you should tell them about the divorce, so they can learn how to cope with the changes to come. Here are some factors to consider when talking to kids about divorce. 

What happens if I cannot afford to pay child support?

One issue that some people in the Baton Rouge area do not take into consideration during their divorce until afterward is their ability to pay child support. There are many things that can happen and interfere with a person's ability to make full and timely payments. If your circumstances have changed and you are no longer able to pay the amount specified in your child support order, you should not stop paying. You must make every effort to fulfill the obligation. 

When child support is not paid, the parent who receives it is put at a severe disadvantage. Those payments help them to provide your child with a similar standard of living they were accustomed to before your divorce. 

How should I dress for divorce court?

When you think of divorce in the Baton Rouge area, you probably imagine you and your partner screaming it out in court. While a shouting match might make you feel better at that moment, in real life, it could result in contempt charges and a less than favorable divorce outcome. Litigation is often the last resort for separating couples who are unable to compromise and settle their divorce amicably. 

If you feel that your divorce is headed to court, you might feel confused and unsure of what you should do. The mere thought of standing in front of a judge might seem intimidating. Here are some things you can do to help your divorce case in court. 

How you can ease the pain and stress of the divorce process

If you are considering divorce, it is likely you have grave concerns over how the end of your marriage will affect the rest of your life. The decisions made during the divorce process will impact your life for many years, and you understand that it is prudent to proceed with caution and careful consideration.

In most cases, divorce is difficult. Even when Louisiana couples remain committed to being amicable and respectful, it is still emotionally challenging and stressful to navigate issues such as child custody and property division. There are ways that you can ease the strain of this difficult process while still pursuing a settlement that will allow you have stability and security in the future.

What happens with a mortgage in a divorce?

A large focus of your divorce settlement in Louisiana will be on dividing property and managing debt. The largest debt you likely will deal with is your mortgage. A mortgage is a special debt that is not handled as easily as others. Generally, it is in both of your names, and the lender will not care that you are divorcing and continue to hold you both accountable. 

However, you probably do not want to remain jointly responsible, so you will have to take steps to solve this problem. Time explains you have a few options for handling your mortgage, depending on your finances and desires.

How can you move past your divorce and find contentment?

You have finalized your divorce in Louisiana at last and are entering into a new phase of life. However, you may find it exceptionally difficult to move beyond your broken marriage and find contentment with your new normal. Fortunately, there are proactive steps you can take towards overcoming your negative emotions and achieving happiness, and a newfound sense of freedom. 

An especially rewarding benefit of putting your divorce behind you is the ability to let go and allow yourself more time to pursue things you are passionate about. According to Live About, here are some of the things you can do to change your outlook:

  • Be mindful: There will undoubtedly be times when negative thoughts about your divorce will make their way into your head. When this happens, allow yourself to process them, but then move on and turn your focus to the positive. 
  • Practice acceptance: Allow yourself to accept your current situation. Look for benefits and embrace the change as an opportunity to grow and improve.
  • Seek opportunity: Keep your eyes out for opportunities that you may have not had should you still be married. Take these new freedoms and identify goals that will allow you to maximize the opportunities you find.
  • Accept responsibility: Stay honest with yourself and be humble. If you played a role in the deterioration of your marriage, accept responsibility for your mistakes and make a commitment to try harder in the future. 

Circumstantial changes may require alimony adjustments

When a couple makes the decision to pursue a divorce in Louisiana, they may need to make many critical decisions regarding the custody of their children, the separation of their assets, the distribution of their property and even the support of each other. Alimony is a controversial topic for many people, especially because it appears to be paid unnecessarily in a majority of circumstances. However, by law, people in Louisiana may be asked to pay alimony to their ex if circumstances require. 

There are times when adjustments may be necessary to accommodate changes in the circumstances of one or both of the parties involved in an alimony agreement. According to Live About, there are several circumstantial changes that courts consider when making modifications to an alimony agreement. Some of these include the following:

  • An increase in the cost of living due to inflation.
  • The paying spouse acquires new responsibility that makes continual payment more difficult.
  • The spouse receiving payments is no longer in need of the money.
  • Either person experiences a financial emergency.
  • One of the parties experiences a disability that affects his or her ability to provide.
  • Changes in the law affect how alimony is paid.

Should you make divorce decisions before you get married?

Many people wait to think about the possibility of divorce until it is actually happening. You may be in the process of preparing to get married, and the thought of preparing for the possibility of the marriage eventually ending may seem unromantic and impractical at the time. In reality, it could be quite beneficial to think about what will happen in the event of a divorce before walking down the aisle.

One of the ways that some Louisiana couples do this is by drafting a prenuptial agreement. You might assume that this is something that only famous people need or those with a lot of money, but people of all income levels find it a smart way to discuss finances and prepare for contingencies in the future.

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