Contested And Uncontested Divorce

In essence, divorce is the sum of a number of different legal processes that are required when two parties decide to end a marriage. Decisions regarding child custody, child support, spousal support and division of marital property are some of the important components that make up divorce. The court treats each decision separately using rules and guidelines established by the state.

I am family law attorney Gregory S. Johnson, and I help each of my clients navigate these individual processes by developing a legal strategy that is tailored to his or her key objectives. I am able to do this because I invest the time upfront to fully understand each client's unique situation. I explain the options and work with each client to prioritize goals.

Committed To Protecting Your Interests During Divorce

I have focused on Louisiana family law issues since becoming a lawyer in 1996. I understand the stress and nervousness caused by the uncertainty of divorce. I reduce that uncertainty for my clients and put them in the best possible position to begin their post-divorce life. I protect your interests while also helping to set realistic expectations.

If you select me to represent you, I work with you from start to finish. You are not handed off to legal assistants or junior attorneys.

It is generally better if you and your spouse can resolve differences about the important decisions that must be made through negotiation and compromise. A family court judge will never understand your situation or know your children as well as you and your spouse do.

A large percentage of my cases are resolved through negotiation. However, I am always prepared to go to trial if a fair agreement cannot be reached. Letting opposing counsel know that I will go to trial if necessary — and having a reputation that backs that up — helps me reach fair resolutions through negotiation more often than not.

If you have an estate plan, it may need to be updated after your divorce is final. I can review your estate plan and make necessary changes to your will, power of attorney and other planning documents.

Put My Experience On Your Side

If you are contemplating, or are in the middle of, a divorce, you probably have many questions. I have answers. I will provide you with a straightforward assessment of your situation and recommend the best steps to take. Contact me to schedule a free consultation. My office is located in Baton Rouge.